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Erik Halvorsen
2 min readDec 3, 2021

With COVID-19 seeming to be never ending, businesses have had to adapt to the new lifestyle. Today we’re going to go over new business trends that are on the rise.

Work from Home

When COVID raged in 2020, leaving many in a mandatory lockdown, companies have had to adapt from a 9–5 job in the office to a 9–5 job at home. We’ve learned a ton from that initial experiment, and how well people work from home, businesses as a whole have changed how they look at the workweek.

For some people, working from home wasn’t ideal, but for a lot of people, productivity increased as a whole when working remotely. It gives leeway for some mental support, and with the right office equipment, anyone can work from home and be more comfortable.

Data as an asset

Data is being seen as a valuable asset these days. It helps businesses learn about their audience as a whole and improve the decisions that they make. With the influx in cloud technology, we have to be careful where we put things because we need to keep the data that we curate secure, just like we’d treat any other asset. We need to invest in systems that can process, analyze, and store the data securely so we can look at them.

Business model innovation

Every business owner needs to look at what they offer to their customers and how they operate as a business as a whole. So many industries were either made or broken by 2020, like the events industry and the hospitality industry. Important places such as those adapted to their surroundings because they’d go bankrupt if they didn’t. There were businesses that were thriving during the pandemic because they wasted no time in figuring out how to adapt to the task at hand.

These are just a few of the many business trends that are currently on the rise. Businesses have to take a look at their surroundings and make sure that they’re going to be up with the times. Businesses need to change every so often to fit the current trends so that they stay afloat.

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Erik Halvorsen

Erik Halvorsen lives in Houston, Texas and is the Chief Business & Strategy Officer at FAR Biotech helping expedite drug breakthroughs.