How to Make an Empathetic Customer Experience the Center of Your Business in 2022 | Erik Halvorsen

Make empathy for the customer the central value of the company

Something that can really help with your business is realizing that customers are shopping differently now since the pandemic, and your job as a business is to tap into the feelings of it: how exactly and why are they shopping differently? As a business, it’s important to shed your old ways of thinking about how your business was structured and adopt better practices based on how you see your customers go about their day. Not necessarily a customer is always right movement, but it’s being able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and feel their feelings, and that goes for everyone in every department, not just the people on the floor. Making decisions with your heart is just as important as your head these days.

The human experience is just as important as data

Trying to build a connection with your customers to understand their psyche better can only benefit you. As customers shop online more and more often, it’s important that we don’t downplay collecting information based on the human experience rather than just data — clicks, sales conversion statistics, email response rates, survey responses. Feelings provide the “why” someone does something, not the data. Observing and interacting with customers whenever possible is incredibly important. Putting the two together shows the importance of every aspect of your business, whether that be product design, creation, or support.



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