Tips to Hire the Best Team Possible — Erik Halvorsen | Business

Find your shortcomings, then find those who excel at them

You can’t be expected to run everything in your company. Even though you’re only one person, oftentimes, small business owners expected to do everything in their company and do it perfectly. The different operational roles in the company being juggled by an exhausted small business owner can lead to catastrophic results, silly overlooks, and terrible mistakes. The last thing that you want to do is overlook an important objective and let it fall through the cracks.

Do your research

The last thing you need for your business is a person on your team that isn’t who they say they are. You already did the hard work by pinpointing where your weaknesses are, but here’s where the real work begins. You have to check to see if the people you’re interviewing are telling the truth. Researching your interviewees is doing your due diligence to see if they are who they say they are.



Erik Halvorsen lives in Houston, Texas and is the Chief Business & Strategy Officer at FAR Biotech helping expedite drug breakthroughs.

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