Ways Business Strategy is Going to Change | Erik Halvorsen

Understanding how current and potential customers’ priorities are changing

Listening to customers is one of the most important ways that you can adapt your business strategy. Engaging in a dialogue with your customers is incredibly important as it gives attention to important issues and concerns that your customers are facing. This gives you time to fix the issues and renew trust in your customers.

Look at how you can change yourself as a business leader

In today’s day of transformation, you’re going to need to look at how you can change and how your position fits in your business. A good business leader will be able to evaluate their projects and see that they can ensure overall business objectives. Work with your Enterprise Program Management Officers (EPMOs) to develop ways to monitor and measure how the internal and external changes can impact in relation to the current portfolio.

Embrace change, but put employees first

Though change is often seen as a bad thing, it’s necessary for businesses to embrace it. If you are a strong business leader, you can use it to improve and progress your business. Taking the change seriously gives your business a competitive edge that other businesses may not have.



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